IWTFA is an exciting new project beginning its journey set in alternative warehouse venues staggered across Brisbane city. 
Colliding together to deliver quality world-class live performance and digital/vinyl DJ sets.
IWTFA is a unique tapestry of talent set to impress a growing and appreciative scene with local, interstate and international artists. 

Dedicated to staying true to the techno genre.

Scottie Chappell - Aamir Raza - Jamie Grenenger - Rob Glasgow

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the city rapidly became more connected and culturally diverse than ever. For such a small space the city of Berlin holds enormous musical creativity evolving from all 4 corners of the European landscape.

After almost 3 decades, the sound of techno has become the lifeblood that runs so fiercely through its vibrant artistic veins.

Much like Berlin – Brisbane may seem small, but there is a thriving underground scene that is fast flowing deep with an expanding talent pool of intense techno passion.

Brisbane hosts a solid community of likeminded individuals that are responsible for the exposure of locals & internationals producing on- point music to a fast growing sub scene.

The sole expectation from the collective at IWTFA is to deliver thoughtfully curated warehouse party’s featuring carefully selected local, interstate and international artists.

Entwining quality live performance with digital/vinyl DJ’s and being set amongst industrial warehouse spaces, IWTFA have a mission to create “not just another warehouse party”.

IWTFA believes in 2 /3 hour sets that are not confined by standard club boundaries.

Extended set lengths encourage the live performance to be masterminded with passion and expression, allowing each artist the freedom to play true to themselves and the genre.

IWTFA is excited for the future of good proper quality world - class techno party’s.

Brisbane proving it has a beating techno heart with its pulse on the sounds of Berlin.